Thursday, June 30, 2011

We are still here!!

Hello all!

Sorry to have left you hanging! Obviously summer has kept both Sam and I busy, and that is a good thing considering we have had less than 7 full days of sunshine!

We have both set goals to get at least one blog up per week. Most of our time has been spent watching the rain continue to fall and the gardens weeping for more rays!

The weather in Northern Minnesota has definitely been a downer the past month, but it looks like the sun may be out more often starting next week.

I just enjoyed some Annie's Organic Chile with tofu at Sam's house. We also made our own smoothies. Today I made mine with everything you can see in the picture below!

I have been busy these past couple of weeks at my internship and dealing with an arthritis flare. While I have been trying to keep active, my body just isn't wanting me to have so much fun I guess. I am going to a speciality physical therapy center on August 1, so I hope that helps alleviate some of this unnecessary pain.

Have a great Fourth of July and be safe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Global Wristband Project

Sometimes I find myself searching the vast web just clicking away at anything that looks interesting. 20 some articles, 10 blogs later I came across a really amazing blog that I just had to share.

and here is the website to order!

Photo Source

Here you can purchase a really nice bracelet to raise awareness to disaster relief projects. Each year this organization contributes their proceeds to a different "disaster relief location."

I was really happy of the idea of donating money to this organization knowing that it would help someone way less fortunate than myself but most off all I like the message. These bracelets are woven together so tightly representing the idea that when we work together beautiful things can happen.

"Banded together, we help each other help one another."

Mine should arrive in 1-2 weeks! :-)



Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer is Here!

What a beautiful day in Northern Minnesota! Britta came over for some tofu stir-fry and corn on the cob! It was delicious-o!

And for dessert we had this gem...