Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Fingers, or toes

On Thursday, Sam, Lacey, and I attended the Trampled by Turtles concert at The Clyde Iron Works in Duluth. It was a good concert, but much too late for us old (young) 23-35 year olds! We left early because we were sick of getting spit on, pushed, and not being able to always see. Before we went to the concert, we had some tasty food at Fitger's Brewhouse. Fitger's is a great place for locally brewed beer and in-season food, including many vegetarian options.

While waiting for our table at Fitger's, we stopped by a store in the Fitger's Complex called Trail Fitters. I had briefly stopped in this store on Tuesday night (I ate at Fitger's that night too!). I noticed they had Vibram Five Fingers on Tuesday, and although, I didn't plan on looking at them on Thursday night, I walked away with a pair within 20 minutes!

I don't plan on running in them...although I would love to! Whenever I am barefoot, my arthritic joints seem to hurt less. It seems like an odd concept, especially with my high arches, and even more weird since I had an invasive foot surgery 3.5 years ago to help my high arch and arthritic midfoot out. I have only worn these shoes a few times, but if I were to describe them in one word: dreamy! I could just call them McDreamy...but that reminds me of nasty McDonald's and not Grey's Anatomy. My goal is that when the weather is decent (which my opportunity of that happening is declining faster than the wind is blowing the leaves off the trees) is to wear these out and about. I wore them on Friday night for 5 hours straight and felt super comfortable.

Everything I do, I do because I strive for less painful days. Arthritis is not fun at any age, but when you are 23 and wake up feeling older and older everyday, you long for a day of no pain. I can't remember what it feels like to NOT be in pain! That is a bizarre thought for someone who doesn't suffer from this dreaded disease. On this health journey, I constantly look forward to what the future holds for me. I hope someday to not have this pain (or diseases!), and to get there, I continue to make steps forward (pun!) by eating healthy, local, and organic, and doing what is best for my body.

Please continue to follow us on our health journeys with the ups and downs of being young, poor college students (not for long!), and living in a small town with limited resources! We want to show you that despite the negatives, we are able to find the positives out of every situation and "make do" in one way or another.

Peace and Love!