About The Authors

We are very excited to share our journey with you as we learn more about ourselves and our surroundings. The purpose of our blog is to promote a healthy lifestyle not only through what we put into our bodies, but how we live, where we shop, and why we must not continually to abuse our beautiful land. Through this blog we will include everything from food to being sustainable in a place that struggles to keep up with the "green times." We look forward to learning more about what we can do for ourselves and our Mother Earth!


Growing up, I ate whatever my parents put on the table never questioning that the canned tomato soup or "fresh" vegetables from the local supermarket, could be hazard to my health. Little did I know, that those very items would affect my health down the road. After years and years of being unhealthy, I was able to link many of my symptoms to the crap that is put into our foods. I started reading books and articles and watching documentaries to learn more about what is really going on in our Americanized food system. Now, years later after eliminating artificial sweeteners, I am scared to see how our fruits and vegetables are being modified into something they are not. I look forward to exploring our great state of Minnesota with Sam, and teaching all of you along the way how to be nice to your earth, body, and state...get it...Minnesota nice!!

In April of 2009, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I went approximately 12 years undiagnosed. It has caused some long-term problems in my joints which brought about arthritis in most of my body. After years of being on TNF-inhibitors, chemotherapy agents, NSAIDs, DMARDs, intravenous antibiotics, and other treatments, I have turned to a Classical Homeopath to help treat my other Lyme Disease symptoms. My homeopath has restored a lot of hope into me not only through hope but through survival. It isn't just about healing my physical ailments, but about healing my body as a whole!


Hi, I'm Sam (Samantha), and it is a pleasure to meet you! I am so excited to start this new adventure. Healthy living hasn't always been a priority in my life; I just wasn't aware of the dangers of our food system. I started my journey about 3 1/2 years ago. That summer I was feeling sluggish, gaining weight, and spending too much time in the bathroom (ugh). Through trial and error I began eliminating some foods from my diet. I started with red meat and have now eliminated all meat from my diet. I'm not a fan of labels, but I guess you could call me a vegetarian. Reevaluating my diet and lifestyle has totally changed the way I feel and think. I have more energy, positive thoughts, and a better outlook on ways to help our Earth.
"You can only do what you can do, BUT do what you can do"- Favorite college professor